Stack: County better fix Viaduct wall FAST!

On Tuesday, 33rd District Assemblyman Brian Stack sent a letter to Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise complaining about conditions at the viaduct that leads from 14th Street in Hoboken up to Union City and to Jersey City. Over a year ago, part of the wall fell down during a nor’easter.
This week, Stack wrote, “It is with the utmost sense of urgency that I take this opportunity to write you regarding the hazardous condition that remains as a direct result of the county’s failure to repair the damaged section of the viaduct wall since its collapse. At the very moment you are reading this letter, there is a tarp that is being used to cover the damaged portion of the wall which waves in the wind and holds out precariously against the elements.”
Stack says that if the tarp is not secured soon, it might obscure the view of a vehicle, which could “not only constitute a tragic accident but a gross case of negligence.”
Stack says it’s taken too long to fix the wall, and also complains of the graffiti and nearby inoperative streetlights.
“Your prompt assistance in helping resolve this issue in the immediate future is greatly appreciated,” he writes.
If it’s that urgent, we kind of hope he made a phone call too…
We’ll update this when we get the county’s response!

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