Parking woes continue

To the Editor:
I wish to applaud and echo last weeks letter by Rich Kelly, entitled “Parking problems.” Today, every successful business is seeking to maximize efficiency in every way imaginable. Bayonne is just a large business, and allowing parking on its side streets and avenues to be totally unregulated in regards to how much space each vehicle occupies is highly inefficient and no longer practical – especially considering Bayonne’s population density.
Some residents are simply careless and don’t seem to realize that maximizing the use of parking space will help them the next time they are looking for a spot. Others, I am convinced, are being intentionally malicious when parking five or six feet back from a driveway or parking right in the middle of a space that could easily hold two vehicles.
Having a reference painted on the street will allow a consistent number of vehicles to park, rather than 20 one day and 15 the next.
This is not a new issue. I had approached the office of the mayor during both the Kiczek and Doria administrations regarding implementing a street-marking program, but was told it was not feasible. I then suggested that for the cost of a small amount of paint and labor, a test could be conducted on my block. But this was to no avail.
I urge Mayor Smith to please look into this as a way to sharply increase the quality of life in Bayonne at a minimal cost.


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