This past weekend’s most-read exclusives

Our reporters finished up some stories this weekend that weren’t reported anywhere else! Here are the scoops, which were posted here in full on Sunday; just click “home” at the upper left and look further down the page. Feel free to comment below each one!

-In Jersey City, Councilman Steve Lipski finally talked at length about the night he was arrested in Washington, D.C., saying he doesn’t remember urinating off a balcony, but a friend told him he did it.
-In Hoboken, two former city council people appear to have improperly gotten extra city benefits costing the taxpayers thousands of dollars per year. We pressed officials to find out why, especially since they had been taken off the benefit rolls at one point…and put back on.
-In northern Hudson County, some local people are appalled that the woman who helped put former Guttenberg Mayor David Delle Donna away is not getting any jail time herself, considering the extent of the crimes she was accused of.
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