Mismanagement divides our city, but council takes positive steps together

Dear Editor:
The current Hoboken Administration’s mismanagement is dividing our city. On virtually every important issue our city faces – from finances and taxes, to Church Towers and the rapidly eroding fiscal stability of Hoboken University Medical Center, to planning for affordable housing and more open space – the Administration has operated behind closed doors with as little legislative oversight as possible.
Fortunately for the residents of Hoboken, at the first Council meeting this year the entire City Council came together unanimously to support two resolutions I sponsored: one to begin open public hearings on the 2010 budget as soon as possible, and another to explore the feasibility of the city to add recreation space, increase property values and provide desperately needed flood remediation. I am grateful for the council’s support.
On behalf of my fellow Council members, I ask all residents to join us in urging the Mayor to take action on these important initiatives as soon as possible because history has shown that if we leave these matters to the Administration, nothing will get done.
Anyone who supports these initiatives, or has other suggestions to help unite our community, I am anxious to hear from you so that we can work together toward a Hoboken in which we can all take pride.

Beth Mason
City Councilwoman 2nd Ward

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