Thank you, Anthony

To the Editor:
I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Anthony and the wonderful staff at LaGuardiola Restaurant.
On Christmas Eve, my children and I decided to go have a family holiday dinner. This is a rare occasion in my home these days due to work schedules and children activities. Unfortunately, it was a little late before we all knew we would be together, so I scrambled to find somewhere for us to enjoy our time together.
At this time, most restaurants were closing or full to capacity. As I was driving by La Guardiola Restaurant, I noticed it was still open. I ran in real quick to see what time it was closing. Anthony informed me he was closing then. I understood and said fine we will try you another time. He stopped me in my tracks and asked how many people. I informed him it was myself and my three children. He told me, “Go get your children and come right back. I will start making you homemade bread and wait for your return.” I tried to protest knowing it was Christmas Eve and he should be with his family. He wouldn’t take no for an answer. I went to get my children, and we returned to the restaurant that welcomed us with open arms. He kept his staff on and treated us like family. I was overwhelmed that such kindness and selflessness existed. It was truly a wonderful night for my children and myself.
I would like Anthony to know that he made my holiday special. It was great to sit and spend some quality time with my children and he made us feel so welcome.
I would like to welcome Anthony and his staff at LaGuardiola to Bayonne and wish them best of luck. Your food is out of this world and your welcoming demeanor will definitely be appreciated by all who visit, just like myself and my family appreciated it.


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