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We are officially launching this website this weekend with a story in all of our print editions making sure your neighbors know about it and all of its great features, including our up-to-the-minute news! But please make sure you tell them too, so they can join the party!
In our regular weekly editions, here are some of the exciting stories that will be posted and reported this Sunday. You can read them on the home page by clicking the town in question.
-There’s a possible scandal in Hoboken involving a waterfront contract, and two officials were asked to leave as a result, sources confirmed last week.
-Two bus trips to Washington, D.C. are being organized for Inauguration Day by Jersey City activists. Click on the article to find out how to get on the bus!
-A North Bergen woman has been fighting with her insurance company for four years to get her a wheelchair so she can get around. Even her doctors have joined the fight. Why won’t the company help her?
-In Union City, 53 residents are on parole. Now, thanks to an agreement involving Mayor Brian Stack, that city’s police, and state authorities, lots of eyes will be watching to make sure they stay on the straight and narrow.
-In Secaucus, the town has drawn up a list of places where affordable housing could go, in order to meet state requirements. Some of the properties on the list may surprise you.
-In Bayonne, the parents of the year’s first baby are in for a treat!
-In Weehawken, residents will save money because the city is finding a new way to take out the trash.
-In West New York, a doctor says he’d like to become mayor, and won’t take any pay.
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