McCain’s background vs. Obama’s

Dear Editor:

If the politics of Hudson County and Hoboken have taught us anything, it’s that machine politics, patronage and corruption have no place. In Hoboken, spending has increased over 40 percent in a few years – it’s so rampant even our mayor can’t keep track. The city council has lost its way, and we’re under state rule. In Jersey City, the mayor may be compelled to resign after an accusation that he used his office inappropriately. We put these cronies into office. Let’s not make another mistake and put Barack Obama into office.

Obama comes from the same old tired political machine. In fact, the Chicago machine is worse. One of Obama’s advisors is William Daley (yes from that Daley family). He’s a friend of accused felon and lobbyist Tony Rezko. His political ally, Rod Blagojevich, is under several investigations. He’s a friend and patron of Rev. Wright’s church until it wasn’t politically advantageous to him and he sat on a board of directors with domestic terrorist William Ayres. The only change we can believe in is no change at all.

John McCain is a patriot, a hero and a maverick. He will put to end wasteful spending as President. He will reach across party lines and ask Democrats to serve with him. He will move the political office out of the White House. He will bring about real change, a breath of fresh air that neither Democrats nor Republicans have seen in previous administrations.

This November, our choice for President is an independent leader like John McCain, or the tired old politics of Barack Obama that have failed to lead time and time again.

Perry Lin
Hudson Country Republican Committeeman
Ward 2 District 2


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