75 stories too big for Hoboken

Dear Editor:

In a town where people get riled up by the difference between a 9 and a 12 story building, NJ Transit and Dave Roberts want to put up a 75 story tower.

Dave Roberts is for Hoboken what George W. Bush is for the USA. A perfect example of what happens when you give someone a credit card that they don’t have to pay. If our mayor couldn’t keep Hoboken solvent during the boon times, how can we trust his judgment now? What other disasters has this administration been hushing up? Of course Dave has claimed irresponsibility for Hoboken’s fiscal mess, and he gets paid the same regardless.

The oversized erection that NJ Transit wants to cram into Hoboken’s south end is totally out of scale for a city this size, will vastly increase traffic congestion and will give a grossly inadequate amount of public space relative to the increase in population. I’m as curious to know who’s going to be moving into all this new commercial and residential space as I am about who will be vacationing at the W hotel.

This project will be a net loss for the Hoboken taxpayer just like the other Pilot projects that were supposed to stabilize our taxes. What it will do is give an upfront payment that will put off the tab until Dave Roberts and his cronies have sailed off in their gold plated yachts leaving the rest of us wondering where our wallets went.

By the way, what is the purpose of that bizarre little mausoleum over by Sybil’s Cave? Is this going to be the new Hoboken graveyard?

Pessimistically yours,
Greg Ribot


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