Legislators’ rejection of Corzine’s ethics plan is arrogant

Dear Editor:

The most extremely interesting news that came out of Trenton this week was the arrogant rejection by the State legislators of Governor Corzine’s ethics reform bill. The main reason stated that there was no dialog or cooperation between them and the Governor. Basically their services or input wasn’t needed.

This belongs in “Ripley’s Believe It Or Not”, when the most corrupt State government we had in years was insulted because they weren’t asked to contribute their recommendations due to their past lack of participation.

They obviously hindered any previous attempts and obviously wanted no solution to this hideous problem. Hysterically, the fox wanted to be part of developing security for the chicken coop. Governor Corzine to his credit grabbed the bull by the horns and said enough is enough. He placed essential executive orders and initiated his own bill, which was fair. Verifying his stance and dictating to them that dragging their feet with this crisis is no longer an option to be tolerated.

The State lawmakers’ rejection of this bill should prove to the citizens of New Jersey of their insincerity towards ethics reform. Placing extreme uncertainty in their scruples and honesty. Thus leaving a sense of distrust and expecting an alterative motive in developing this unwarranted protest.

It seems as though the legislative branch of the New Jersey State government wants the contemptible doors of corruption left wide open for kickbacks, nepotism and payoffs. This demonstration of disapproval by them, and failing to initiate, on numerous occasions new ethics legislation proves to be a certification for all that they are willing to accept the corrupt status quo.

It is amazing that the oath of office means absolutely nothing to our elected representatives in State government, which trickles down to our Municipalities and County governments. This proves the necessity of mounting the need for forced establish laws of ethics with penalties to keep them trust worthy and honorable.

I usually don’t agree with most of Governor Corzine’s policies. In fact he better start creating initiatives in keeping companies and people in New Jersey instead of leaving for less expensive greener pastures, but this time he is right on target.

William P. Frasca


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