Honoring Julia Valdivia with a street named after her

Dear Editor:

At one time or another every community is blessed to have their own shining star. Union City is blessed to have a community champion in Mrs. Julia Valdivia.

This past Friday, October 3rd, there was a gathering in Union City honoring this special individual. It is so appropriate for Mayor Brian P. Stack who is so giving to name a street after Julia Valdivia.

Guiding the Latino community throughout Hudson County, especially here in Union City in the 1960s where there was a large immigration from Cuba coming to Union City and these new residents didn’t speak the English language, Julia was there for whatever community problem these people had.

Back in the late 60’s the established residents of this community had resentment toward the new immigration and the new immigrant youth had unprecedented problems with the police force, and many times there was confrontation by the youth and their parents with the police department, and Julia was there day and night taking care of these social problems.

I will not hesitate to remind this peaceful community of today that it was Julia’s courage that eventually got the respect and acceptance from the established citizens of this community toward the new immigrants. Today almost 50 years later the city of Union City and the 33rd District has the leadership of Brian P. Stack who rapidly has a legacy under his own shoulders, and it is inevitable that Brian has a bright political future that is unlimited.

As I have said in the past, the gubernatorial position will be the next stop for this humanitarian individual.

Oscar Cordero


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