Train site should be developed

Dear Editor:

I recently met with a majority of the City Council who all expressed their support for the development of the Hoboken Train Terminal. They agreed that coming to a consensus on the commercial redevelopment plan for the NJ Transit Rail Yard site is right for Hoboken. The development of this 36-acre mass transit site is an ideal opportunity for our community to diversify its tax base with commercial and residential buildings. The economic benefits to Hoboken will help secure the community’s financial well-being for generations.

I am also convinced the quality of life for the people of Hoboken will be enhanced incredibly by the acres of parks and plazas, a landscaped Observer Highway, a traffic circle to ease congestion at Henderson Street, bike paths and sewer line improvements that will help alleviate the flooding problems around the southern edge of our City. In addition, structures built by world-renowned architects like Frank Gehry are destined to make our community one of the most exciting cities in the entire country.

The redevelopment of the site was endorsed wholeheartedly by the Mayor’s Institute on City Design in Washington. At a conference last year, which included some of the leading urban planners, architects and mayors from across the country, a case study of the Hoboken Terminal redevelopment proposal was presented. Here’s what they concluded, “The resource team supported the (development) for the area adjacent to the Hoboken Terminal and Rail Yard to serve as a focal point for which the City could encourage high-density development.” The world renowned panel went on to say, “…the built environment can bring about real, positive change for the entire community.”

To allow a small group of pessimists and naysayers to interfere with the City’s destiny for greatness and do nothing would be a mistake. Hoboken stands at an important crossroads and I appreciate the support from the majority of City council members and the Mayor’s Institute of City Design. The Hoboken Train Terminal redevelopment project is important to the future of our City and must move forward.

Mayor David Roberts


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