Stop pandering when naming places

Open letter to Mayor Stack:

It was refreshing to see that a memorial is to be unveiled to honor those Union City residents who were lost in the World Trade Center attack.

Having been born in Union City and having spent the better part of eight decades as a resident, I always remember our city being made up of a diversity of cultures that lived together in peace, celebrating our own traditions and welcomed others who celebrated theirs. No group was singled out for any special recognition or honor.

What I see now, sadly, are streets, parks and schools named for people I do not know, nor relate to in any way. People who were not contributors to our city or its history, whose names or accomplishments mean little or nothing to me are singled out for these honors simply because they are meaningful to a particular group of residents.

It seems as if you are attempting to curry favor with this group for political reasons. If this is what you are doing, it is pandering in its worst form.

It was interesting to read the letter from “A retired teacher” who expressed opinions similar to mine. I wonder how many others are out there who also agree but have not expressed themselves.

Marie A. Vivas


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