Not again!

Dear Editor:

Eight years ago, the Republicans promised to change our country. So what did George W. Bush and his cronies bring us, the worst economy in almost 80 years. A no-win war and higher gas and food prices. Highest unemployment in years and thousands other jobs threatened. The worst trade deficits ever. The worst budget deficits ever – after being left with a balanced budget by the Clinton Administration. Neglect of our veterans returning from Iraq, tainted drugs and food because of deregulation.

More? Big expansion of the federal government bureaucracy. Assaults on the U.S. Constitution. Politicization of many areas of government, notably the Justice and the Interior Departments. These are just a few of the abuses.

Now John McCain and his Republican friends are again promising to bring change to Washington. Thanks John, but no thanks. Elect Barack Obama for the change we desperately need.

Arturo Martinez, Hoboken
Veterans for Obama


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