Ethics in Jersey City?

Dear Editor:

We constantly heard throughout the year of Councilman Steve Fulop’s futile attempts and introductory motions and ordinances to the Jersey City, City Council eliminating Pay to Play and Dual Job Holdings. The Councilman and other civic organizations, together with dedicated concerned citizens developed a well-orchestrated signature drive to have these two initiatives placed on the November ballot, as a referendum vote.

Naturally they were hit by a number of setbacks and roadblocks initiated by the Healy Administration and City Council. After all if you are trying to take money out of a person’s pocket, you’re definitely in for a fight. Even thieves will protect what they robbed.

Unfortunately though for the citizens of Jersey City, they were left with half a victory, but a victory never the less. The City Council finally yielded to the loud voices of the people and submitted to the Pay to Play initiative. No matter what happens in the outcome, the people of Jersey City had a hand in steering the course of their own destiny.

Here’s another question? What ever happened to Jersey City’s only political watchdog, The Ethic’s Board? A few years back it was ruthlessly eliminated by its executioners in wolves clothing called the City Council.

This Board was created to stop political favoritism, abuses and corruption protecting us from a failing and degenerate political system. The members of the Board were considered the untouchables of Jersey City politics. It was the last shred of government decency we had as a City.

The Board falling into the maneuvering hands of the same politicians it was established to over see, monitor and observe was constantly harassed, humiliated and totally under minded because their powers were limited. Bad publicity forced them into a submissive role, leaving them helpless and defenseless to their eventual termination.

It was a sad day in the history books of Jersey City when the loud voice of corruption sang with great enthusiasm with the demise of the Jersey City ethics board. I, as a life long resident of Jersey City, triple dog dare the Healy Administration and the Jersey City Council to reinstate the Ethics Board with substantial enforcement powers.

The choice is simple; you can either continue to follow the same unscrupulous path of corruption, nepotism and self-serving greed or you can take the high road of decency and good moral character. Unfortunately your past actions will prove your gluttonous decision.

William P. Frasca


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