McCain and Palin, perfect together

Dear Editor:

I am writing to applaud John McCain for his historic and brilliant selection of Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential nominee. Prior to this RNC, I carried a deep sorrow that no longer can everyday people in our country run for office given the money, political connections and machine needed to seriously compete. Sadly, we have discouraged many great leaders from running because of this. To my great surprise, Sarah Palin was added to the Republican ticket. I had the privilege of seeing Sarah’s speech during the RNC. There are no words to describe my joy, hope and excitement. Despite serving as a mayor and then governor, Palin reminds me more of a normal citizen instead of a political insider. With grace and courage, she has the conviction to lead and bring real positive change to our country, even while being a mother of five. Any person, like Sarah, who gives up a governor’s jet and the convenience of their own chef to stop wasting taxpayer money is a heavy hitter in my book. Our government has sadly gone astray far from the government founded on the sweat and blood of our founding fathers and mothers; hopefully, this election will change that. It is a sad practice today that many people are connected to a political party because they owe their job to someone or their parents were from that party. I want to encourage all readers to take the time, whether you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, to recognize the seriousness of your vote this November.

Many serious issues rely on this election and the McCain/Palin ticket is a balanced God-send in a time when insecurity lurks all around us. Palin in her speech spoke of preserving life and supporting the challenged (she herself has a child with Down Syndrome), lowering political spending, finding alternatives to energy and, in doing so, bringing back the work force to our country. She has no need to impress those in Washington or the press, but rather to represent the American people even when it isn’t popular. She understands that we must, as people who believe in God, take responsibility for our choices. We all need to dig deep and pray for God’s choice in this, to be informed, to vote conscience, not politics. We need to cross party lines to whoever will stand for what is Godly, right, just, honest.

Let’s search our hearts and pray. Let’s research all the websites and gather all our information. Let’s pray that this country’s new leaders will be God’s choices: leaders who will defend “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.”

Angie Rotella-Suarez
Life-long Hudson county Resident
Educator and Church Music Minister


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