Save Hoboken park-deprived Ernesto

Dear Editor: (calling all dogs)

We are very concerned for Ernesto’s (the dog) well being and his being deprived of his doggie rights to the occasional traipse and roll in our city’s parks. However, we are pleased to learn that your owner actually has the sensibility to save you from the foul, urine-soaked, gravel-strewn, limited confines of the city’s dog runs; (City Council/Mayor) you call these dog runs? On the surface the very idea of providing public space for us (dogs) is wonderful; however, when was the last time you walked over and checked out the dog run? We would never ever stick our little paws inside for fear of contracting disease and/or illness as simple as fleas to dog flu, which is highly contagious.

We are very much a party of the very fabric of this city, at one time we even outnumbered all the little people (infants), not that we don’t love them; we were able to freely walk side by side with our pet owners along the sidewalks without fear of being run over by the hordes of behemoth double wide strollers.

We are so thankful for our doggie play dates at Hoboken’s various parks when we take our daily walks and meet up with our four legged and two legged friends. Our owners are smart and sensible and do the right thing by keeping us on lease to protect us and even clean up after us. Dogs have rights too, rights to interact with our families, neighbors and other dogs within our city’s parks.

Save Ernesto from making unnecessary trips to the “big” city when he lives just walking distance to a beautiful Hoboken park.

Time for our walk in the park,
Two of Hoboken’s four legged residents


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