Mason keeps contradicting herself

Dear Editor:

Councilperson Beth Mason’s misrepresentation of the facts in her letter to the Hoboken Reporter last week was unfortunate. Maybe “Council to State: Come On In!,” a June 1 banner headline from the Jersey Journal, will help Ms. Mason remember that it was her vote that resulted in state intervention. Her mayoral campaign staff might also want to review the minutes of the Council meetings. I requested that the City Council take action and adopt a resolution that would have avoided the state intervention. Ms. Mason decided to ignore my request. And now Ms. Mason, in her win-at-all cost campaign to be mayor, is trying to pull the wool over the eyes of the people of Hoboken by flip-flopping on this issue.

Councilperson Beth Mason has done practically nothing in the 2nd Ward for the betterment of her constituents. She has not made a single recommendation to our financial consultants on ways to bring in new revenues or cut expenses. She sued Hoboken innumerable times costing the taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars, almost a million sheets of paper and countless manpower hours on a crusade that has done more to promote herself than the public interest.

Then, despite her calls for open government, Ms. Mason wanted to hire a consultant beholden to her and not to the people of Hoboken and their elected officials, through a no bid contract. And now she is conveniently backpedaling on her votes in favor of state intervention, while her mayoral campaign staff launches personal attacks against officials in our community and from the state.

I assure you that despite Ms. Mason’s negative mayoral campaign onslaught and flip-flopping, we are working tirelessly throughout the summer on the important issues facing Hoboken. We are committed to adding to the quality of life in our city that has already resulted in CNN/Money Magazine recognizing us as the number one municipality in the country for single people over 30 and one of the top ten cities in the U.S. to save on the high cost of fuel.

We are very proud of this recognition and are doing even more to add to the quality of life in Hoboken. The people of our community deserve nothing less.

Mayor David Roberts


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