Guttenberg to close street While school is in session, residents will have to park elsewhere

When school starts on Sept. 3, residents who live on 69th Street in Guttenberg will have to park elsewhere before and after class take place.

From 8 a.m. to 9 a.m. and from 2:45 p.m. to 3:45 p.m., the street that borders the Anna L. Klein School’s entrance will be shut down to traffic.

While in the past, residents were able to apply for a residency entrance permit, Public Safety Director Michael Caliguiro deemed the traffic a safety hazard for children.

“I conferred with the town council and they concurred with me that it was a safety hazard,” said Caliguiro.

Principal Pedro Garrido explained that it was for the safety of students and that no one, not even administrators or teachers, will be allowed to enter during this time.

No more leaving for lunch

Due to some minor complaints and concerns with safety, Garrido said that students in the fourth through eight grade also will no longer be allowed to leave the school’s premises for lunch.

He said that he received some phone calls about children throwing juice boxes and running into the street, and while they were “minor” things that children do, they were concerned with a situation that could escalate.

Students were going to Broadway and Bergenline Avenues for lunch.

“There are so many people out there, it was [done] more for the safety of the students,” said Garrido.

For the first week of school, crossing guards will remain on duty during the lunch hour to make sure that the children are safe.

The only way that children in these grades may leave the premises is if their parents sign them out for lunch and then return them to school.

Upcoming construction

Due to overcrowding at the Klein School – which is the only public school in Guttenberg – construction will soon be underway for four trailers in the school’s court yard, which will house kindergarten classes, said Garrido.

Lt. Joel Magenheimer said that the trailers were a temporary solution and that Veteran’s Park would remain open for the children.

Garrido said that trailers would hopefully be completed by early to mid-September.

Also occurring around the same time of the trailer’s construction is the demolition of a school-owned vacant building located at 304 68th St.

The building will be demolished and replaced with a new playground for the students. The building will be destroyed in early September, with the hopeful construction on the playground starting in mid-September.

School uniforms

Klein School will be instituting uniforms this year for the first time.

Garrido said that they will be navy blue shirts with the school’s insignia with khaki pants.

He said that about 90 percent of the parents are for the change.

“I think it’s going to make it easier on the parents,” said Garrido. “In today’s culture, kids want to outdo other kids.”

While the uniforms will be instituted in September, Oct. 15 is when they will be required for all students.

Great relationship with police Garrido said that keeping children safe at the school is a lot easier of a task with the help of the Guttenberg Police force.

He said that whenever they have a problem, the police are always a second away with help.

“It’s a really great partnership,” said Garrido. “We had a ruptured pipe not too long ago and the Guttenberg Police were here immediately.”

He said that in a small school district, cooperation is greatly appreciated.

“We have a great rapport,” said Caligurio.


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