RE: Presidential election

Dear Editor:

There is a presidential election approaching within a few months and the general population remains rigid in their determination to remain steadfast in embracing either fierce liberal or firm conservative policies.

Most of the people are unwilling to stray from their sacred political positions and consequently, a centrist posture, consisting of the best features of both sides, will seldom be taken.

In an atmosphere in which political thinking is influenced by talk radio, looney liberals and clownish conservatives voice views, which represent the perspective of the program host. The caller will, many times, flatter the host and then virtually repeat, word for word, the ideological tendency of the show, thereby leaving the listener with pure propaganda to digest.

Of course, the various factions of ideology refuse to budge from inflexible positions. The religious right, in their rejection of what they call a waste of funds in regard to Liberal social programs for the needy, fail to recognize that the very Christianity which they so piously espouse, was based on helping the less fortunate. At the same time, a Democratic Congress, intent on overturning most of the programs of the Republicans is, for the most part, feeble and ineffectual, fearing the loss of both constituent and lobby support.

So, until a broader vision can be taken by the voter in evaluating the positive and negative sides of each candidate, a greater degree of principle exhibited by the legislators and a willingness on the part of the citizenry to understand why he or she was provided with a brain, until then we shall remain caricatures in a farce.

Howard Lawson


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