Commenting on our energy crisis

Dear Editor:

I would like to comment on the current energy crisis.

With fuel costs for cars going through the stratosphere, which will also equate into enormous home heating oil bills and with the costs of all staples increasing because of rising trucking and shipping fuel costs, the need for renewable energy sources should be more than a priority. I believe that with the oil industry raking in record profits, the government should be requiring some of this money, in the form of a tax of some sort, be used for the development and proliferation of alternative energy. If every home in the United States had either solar panels or windmills producing electricity, the need for burning fossil fuels to produce electricity would be immensely curtailed. Much like anything electronic, the costs associated with these alternative energy producers would also fall because of the mass production of the equipment. Research is needed to better store the energy produced, so the energy can be harnessed and used to its greatest advantage.

Although biofuels could fill the gap, cars, trucks, home heating and cooking would all have to be converted to use electricity of some type (batteries or whatnot.) America could be energy self sufficient and self reliant much quicker than with trying to burn fossil fuels for everything under the sun.

It’s funny when you read that Brazil became self reliant back in the 1970s when fuel costs initially skyrocketed. Where is our American Ingenuity?

David Flood


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