Same old, same old

Dear Editor:

The recent shocking revelation of the Keansburg School District Superintendent Barbara Trzeszkowski concerning her final benefit severance package should be a wakeup call, or should we say a reality check. This is not an unusual situation involving elite bureaucrats who beef up their final last years of contributed salaries, together with additional perks and benefits, which are not privileged to the average government employee. These financial abuses of the taxpayers and the pension system has been around since its conception, so why are we so outraged at this one particular individual? The State in a fugal attempt, tried to unfairly and unethically reduce and diminish her legally obtained perks, excessive financial sick, vacation leave benefits package. This was actually a disgrace to the system. The individual in question followed all the legitimate rules and regulations concerning this procedure. She didn’t break any laws, she wasn’t a criminal, so why challenge her entitlement and waste more of the taxpayer money by putting up a show of shameful contempt.

The real culprit to this excessive exploitation rests solely on the Municipality or Township and School Board involved. One obvious question, which should be asked, how does any one individual acquire all these sick days without anyone realizing or regulating this time? Didn’t she take a sick day? Wasn’t she monitored? Or did she monitor herself? The State employee retires with sick leave pay of one-half of their accumulated time not to exceed $15,000. Why do the municipalities and school districts have different procedures?

Vacation time also has a limit with the State, with a maximum of 50 days with no financial deductions, is this also given unlimited municipal dispensation? Why was her salary and perks so lucrative, especially with the size of Keansburg and its School District in comparison with larger school districts?

Keansburg is not an usual situation and is not an exception to the rule. This is happening throughout the State of New Jersey in most municipalities of all known description, whether they are rich or poor, small or large.

These Superintendents are given full authority and leniency. They have little or no legitimate supervision for their actions. They have no watchful eye from any person or group, which has no professional relationships to these leaders. The School Boards are not qualified to monitor. The Boards are either Mayor selected, which are politically controlled, and if the Superintendent is a loyal supporter, they will definitely be offered outstanding packages.

State operated in which the Department Of Education chooses the Superintendent, they usually turn their heads to such abuses, to avoid any public criticism. Look what happened to the Jersey City School District under their control?

With the elected Board, some members are just willing to play ball, make deals and agree to everything and anything. Some are just satisfied to keep the status quo, even at the expense of the children and taxpayers.

This travesty in financial abuses must be stopped immediately, but why does it continue? Hopefully, its not because no one cares.

William P. Frasca


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