Defending our security guards & custodians

Dear Editor:

I would like to make a couple of comments with regards to the Jersey City Board of Education security guards and custodians.

First of all we have a phantom writer and someone who agrees with the phantom writer named Michelle. These people have no actual knowledge of what the duties are of a security guard or a custodian.

Michelle writes about kids being unsupervised in the courtyards before school opens. We have certain hours that the guards work. Parents drop off their kids way before school opens that is why the kids are unattended. In plain English, we are not babysitters.

Michelle enough of your insults about the security guards on what do you have to do to be a guard. I will tell you; he or she takes a New Jersey test; if you get under 70 you are out. I think an apology is in order to our security guards. Michelle, you should know what you are writing about before you make a comment about anyone.

As far as the concerned staff, ‘oop’ the phantom writer, look at yourself in the mirror, you are not perfect. Our guards and custodians work very hard to keep up with the workload that they do.

If you are a staff member and you say you are concerned, then why write to the papers, go to the school principal and complain that the kids are not being treated right. You make it like all guards and custodians are not doing their jobs. I say to you, phantom writer, stand up and be counted, show your true identity.

I would like to say we have the best security guards and custodians in Hudson County, and I may add in the State of New Jersey.

Paul Marlu Maiellaro
School #28,
Executive Board Member
Under President Kevin O’Reilly


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