Deadbeat parents in Hudson

Dear Editor:

During the past month the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office has been involved with an intensive effort to assist in ensuring that all children of our county receive the court ordered amount of child support that they need to assist in their daily lives. We have conducted a series of arrests under “Operation Deadbeat Parents” which included the arrests of 71 individuals with a total amount of child support arrearages owed their children in the amount of $884,029.

I firmly believe that no child ever asked to be brought into this world and it is our duty as law enforcement officers to ensure that every child is properly taken care of with child support payments and equally important the parental participation in their young lives. We will continue to devote our efforts in this area of enforcement.

I commend all of our officers and detectives in the Hudson County Sheriff’s office for this effort, which was conducted under the supervision of Chief John Bartucci, Lt. Gary Riebesell and Sgt. Alfred Crawford.

Respectfully submitted,
Juan M. Perez, Sheriff of Hudson County


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