Zimmer backs Raia and committee candidates

Dear Editor:

I am writing to express my support for Frank Raia (3D) for County Freeholder and Democratic Committee candidates Scott and Rachel Goldberg in 4-1, Doug and Tricia Snyder in 4-2, and Frances and Brian Jennings in 4-3. I am excited to support these active and committed community members for elected office.

This Freeholder election is extremely important because many of the challenges we face across Hoboken (i.e. traffic, open space, and the need for more affordable housing) require county assistance. I am backing Frank Raia because I believe he will give Hoboken the strong voice it needs at the County level. For too long, Hoboken has given the County much more than it has received. Frank Raia understands the past and the future of Hoboken, and will work to benefit all of Hoboken. He knows the “players” at the County level and has a good working relationship with them, but he is independent and not beholden to them or to the political agendas of others.

Frank’s support for my 2nd and 3rd elections demonstrates he is committed to building a better Hoboken for “new” and “old” Hobokenites. After walking the streets of the 4th Ward with Frank, I realized he is truly committed to the people of Hoboken. From the senior citizens to student athletes, Frank is quick to extend a helping hand and Hoboken has benefited from his devotion to the community. His support has been essential in my fight to bring open space to Hoboken; helped to get the Open Space Fund passed; and placed me in a better position to strongly advocate for parks in the 4th Ward and across Hoboken.

Frank has been criticized because as a developer and a businessman he used his expertise to make money. I believe that if elected to the Board of Freeholders, Frank will use that expertise to insure that our tax dollars are used to benefit the people of Hoboken. Hoboken is currently facing a serious financial problem at the City level, and now, more than ever, needs a leader with real experience in managing our financial future. Frank Raia built his business from the ground up, and as Freeholder, he will combine his experience with his commitment to the people of Hoboken.

Thank you,
Dawn Zimmer
4th Ward Councilwoman