Slow down! Union City town meeting votes on speed limit changes, building inspector position

Union City officials passed a new ordinance, or municipal law, changing speed limits in school zones from 25 to 15 miles per hour effective immediately after last week’s Board of Commissioners meeting on Feb. 6.

Where the previous speed limit on these neighboring school zones was 25 miles per hour, the new ordinance passed by the board at this commissioners meeting reduces it to 15 miles per hour to promote driver and child safety. The board voted unanimously to pass the ordinance which would provide students and drivers a higher level of safety. (See sidebar for a list of the school zones.)

Mayor and state Sen. Brian Stack, along with the board, also introduced an ordinance that would hire a full-time building inspector replacing the same part-time position held in the past.

The meeting was held at the Hudson School on 19th Street in Union City. Relocating the bimonthly meetings is part of Mayor Stack’s “pledge to keeping meeting[s] accessible,” and allowing residents throughout Union City to be heard.

full-time building inspector bid

Citing a $1 million surplus in the building department’s budget, according to head construction official Martin Martinetti, an ordinance was introduced at the commissioner’s meeting that would allow for a full-time building inspector in Union City.

The new ordinance was amended to include a salary range between $67,500 and $85,000 per year to attract potential applicants, and eliminated the part-time position held in the past.

According to Martinetti, in the past, part-time building inspectors would make anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000 a year.

Inspector responsibilities

A building inspector’s main duty is to examine the construction or repair of buildings and street structures. Generally, they’ll make sure structures are compliant with building codes, quality, and zoning regulations.

According to Martinetti, due to Union City’s high population density (known for being the most densely populated city in the nation), the potential building inspector applicant should have his high-rise and hazardous structures license (HHS); a license that strictly focuses on inspecting residential, commercial, industrial, and high-rise structures.

As construction official Martinetti has said, “I don’t want to see a building go up that’s not properly inspected.” Final vote to adopt the ordinance will be held at the city’s next meeting on Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. at the Palisade Avenue Presbyterian Church located at 301 23rd St. in Union City.

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New speed limit for children crossing
The immediate speed limit changes will be implemented on the following roads:

*Washington School: 39th Street from New York to Bergenline avenues, New York Avenue from 38th to 40th streets, and 40th street from Bergenline to Palisade avenues.

*Roosevelt School: Hudson Street from 45th to 47th streets and 46th Street from Palisade to Hudson avenues.

*Robert Waters School: Summit Avenue from 27th to 30th streets, 28th Street from Summit to Central avenues, and 29th Street from Summit to Central avenues.

*Edison School: Fifth Street from Bergenline Avenue to West Street and West Street from Fourth to Eighth streets.

*Jose Marti School: Summit Avenue from 17th to 21st streets and 18th Street from Kerrigan to Central avenues.

*Jefferson School: 35th Street from Hudson to Palisade avenues, 34th Street from Palisades to Hudson avenues, and Palisades Avenue from 34th to 35th streets.


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