Mayor of Guttenberg should resign

Dear Editor:

Mayor David Della Donna of Guttenberg has received a federal indictment concerning charges relating to his elected position. He still holds the title of Mayor despite all of the problems that concern him. The people of the town can only wonder what it will take for the mayor to be removed from office.

The town of Guttenberg is still awaiting a park to be built that was promised to us more than two years ago. The mayor received $1.2 million in grant and loan money to purchase land for the park. This park issue is very bad for the mayor considering the amount of money involved. The mayor personally went to the land that was purchased for the park to clean the land with the help of some other people. If the town did not have enough money to build the park then why did people waste time to clean the area for the new park? Two years later people can only wonder if this new park scenario was simply a lie because after all the town of Guttenberg still does not have a park. The park was also mentioned in campaign literature.

This is another transaction involving a sum of money linked to Mayor David Della Donna that should perhaps be investigated by U.S. Attorney Christopher Christie.

Jamie Witcher


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