A new vision for Hoboken

Dear Editor:

During the past few years, the City of Hoboken has been fortunate to host numerous development projects that continue to contribute to the many ideals that already made this municipality one of magnificence, such as a thriving economy, an educated populace and celebrated diversity.

In recalling recent development, I am reminded of a vote by the City Council that approved the additional height for the W Hotel which is now being constructed. That particular approval succeeded with a 5-4 vote, permitting the height extension.

As conveyed by the narrow margin of approval by the City Council that allowed the extension, this particular project was not universally popular. However, as construction proceeds, it is evident that there is a new vision for the City of Hoboken – this vision includes prosperity through an increasing population of city dwellers, continuing to make our community a more desirable location in which to reside.

In turn, it is my intention to work alongside City Council members and others who hold public office to continue to invite projects that will breed a higher quality of life for all residents.

In closing, I ask that residents keep an open mind with regard to upcoming plans for our great City, as there is much about which we may be excited.

Ruben J. Ramos


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