Remembering the ‘good ol’ days’

Dear Editor:

What happened to the old school – way back to the good ol’ days? The 1960s and 1970s are an era long, long gone. The good ol’ days when you could walk to school and stop along the way at the candy store and enjoy some delicious goodies? Ah, the good ol’ days!

How about the old Woolworth 5 &10 cent store with the cold old fashioned coca colas and those delicious cheese burgers with fries and you could sit at the counter and eat in peace while your mother shopped. How about Kress stores, Mickey Finn, Holthousen’s on Bergenline Ave. at 35th St. in Union City. The old Schlesinger’s in West New York where I shopped in the 1970s when I was attending St. Joe’s H.S. in West New York. Does anyone remember Tony’s Pizza located at 10th St. and New York Ave. in Union City, how about Cristina’s Restaurant on Bergenline Ave. & 17th St. Talk about good food – mussels, meatballs, pizza. How about the original Summit Pizza on 10th St. and Summit Ave. Remember Tony – he was the best! What about the Hebrew National Deli at 53rd St. & Bergenline Ave. in WNY. Old man Sam had the best knish and pastrami on rye in the entire state.

Remember Richie, the baker at Margie’s Bakery on 17th St. & Bergenline Ave. Margie’s was the best! This bakery is missed dearly. Remember Spiekerman’s Bakery on 29th St. and Bergenline Ave. in Union City. Does anyone remember Polay Lumber on 8th St. and Summit Ave. in UC. How about Paul Servo, the men’s clothing store on 8th and Summit Ave. What about Leonard’s Army-Navy store on 11th St. & Summit Ave. The old Cinema Tony where I watched Superfly back in 1972 and I was only 11 years old. My friends and I snuck in and watched the entire movie. What ever happened to St. Michael’s Monastery which closed in 1981 – what a magnificent church. Christmas Mass at midnight – how can anyone forge those beautiful Christmas Midnight Masses!

How about my old grammar school, St. Anthony of Padua on 7th St. and Central Ave. in Union City. I attended this school for nine years, kindergarten thru 8th grade – do you remember Fr. Fuino, Fr. ‘Gray’ Graziano – how about Fr. DeAngelo, these gentlemen were the best of the best. Thank you.

What an experience living the good ol’ memories of my childhood. The great memories, the fantastic times, the remarkable people – I wish to be able to travel back in time because these were the good ol’ days – people were loving, friendly and when you went out to eat, shop or whatever, you were treated extremely well, people knew your name and appreciated the business and company.

What happened to decent, respectful, caring people and businesses who would have a conversation and ask about your family because they really did care. Where did the old grocery ‘Mom & Pop’ stores disappear to, the diners, candy stores, churches open to the public, housing where everyone knew their neighbors – wow, what happened? Where are we going? How good do we really think we have it? Where is friendship, peace and love with our neighbors and friends?

We are living in tough times, hard times, people don’t care. The poor get poorer, the middle class is gone and where are we going, what should we do? Where are the good ol’ days back in the 60’s & 70’s? Can we ever dream about reliving the good ol’ days again?

I hope so. Thanks for the memories!

Edward V. Stack


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