Mickey Rourke films on Broadway Local stores get their piece in new film

Mickey Rourke, star of “Man on Fire” and “Sin City” paid a day trip to Bayonne last week, filming portions of a new movie “The Wrestler” at several locations along Broadway.

Co-staring with actrcess Marisa Tomei, Rourke plays a character named Randy “The Ram” Robinson, an wrestler seeking to make a come back against his former rival.

Although the film seems to echo a little of the boxing classic “Rocky,” film crew claim “The Wrestler” is being done in a documentary format. It is being directoed by Dareen Aronofsky, who also directed “Pi” and “Requiem for a Dream.”

Filming took place at three locations along Broadway, uptown at Color & Cuts Salon early in the day, then later at Tropical Tannning, and the Dolpin Gym in midtown.

Falisha Hefnawy, owern of Color & Cuts said scouts for the movie had come in earlier to look over the place, seeking a unique look that apparently her place had.

Hefnawy, who has been at the location for almost 12 years specializing in color and highlights, says her customers include professional actors, including some of cable TV.

Her daughter, Sarah – who has aspirations of becoming an actress – was given a role as a client.

“She has been in commericals prior to this,” Hefnawy said.

“I’ll be a customer in this film,” Sarah said

Prior work commerical work for Sarah included a role for Phillip Morris.

“Everyone is friendly,” Hefnawy said, standing outside the door as film crews scrambled to prepare for the shoot.

Hefnawy said film crews came early and prepared the set for several hours prior to Rourke’s arrival at about 9 a.m.

The buffed up Rourke had long blonde hair and sun glasses was also accompanied by a look-alike stand in who filled in for repetitious set up shots for camera adjustments.

The name of the Color & Cuts will likely appear in the movie since the staff did not make any changes to the signs.

Cindy Delesky, owern of Tropical Tanning at the downtown shook, almost got a role as the woman at the front desk when the actress scheduled for the shoot did not show up on time. “I was supposed to be in the scene when he came in,” she said. “But the actress came.”

As with Color & Cuts, the name of Tropical Tanning will appear in the movie since the set constructing crew moved the name to a more prominent locations, Delesky said.

Tropical Tanning shoot was supposed to be realitively short but turned out to last almost six hours with the Rourke’s stand in earning his money as a short distance sprinter as he repeatedly went in and out of the store to get the entry shot seet up right.

Rourke not only shot his segement of the film here, but also came back later for a tan, pausing to talk with Delesky.

“He said he liked Bayonne and used to be Dr. [Jack] Smith’s patient,” Delesky said. “He said he really loved the doctor.”

The crew apparently made a very good impression on both Hefnawy and Delseky, who described them as helpful.

“They gave me a mural,” Delesky said.

Apparently, the film set required a mural for the back wall. The staff asked Delesky if she wanted it set permanently.

“I liked it so I said I wanted it,” she said. “Then spent hours making sure it was glued up right.”

Members of the film crew could not say when the film would be released, but said that it would be a national release.

“This film will get released in a lot of theaters,” one of the staff said.

Rourke and the crews went from Bayonne to film a live wrecting event at the Pioneer Club in Hasbrouck Heights.

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