Welcome to the age of technology Believed to be good psychology

ATMs, faxes, computers, push button phones, Get you to anyone, regardless if they’re home.

Life’s convenience with a flick of a switch Only to have more problems to make us twitch

A typical day You might just say

When logging on the Internet you become dismayed Because now a message reads “Page cannot be displayed”

When printing your document you learn the printer doesn’t work Bewildered you throw up your hands feeling like a jerk

Your old school buddy never gets your mail when your account states “error on page” Makes you want to kick and shout and get into a rage

Turn on the TV, only to get a black screen Why you then ask, now what does this mean?

The cable line is out Making you want to pout

Finally giving up you just want to hide Instead you decide to go for a drive

Only to find the car won’t start Not knowing why you don’t feel so smart

The mechanic says you’ll have to shell out $800 for an engine clean up This just makes you want to throw up

Conceding defeat, you take to the train Even this becomes a real frickin pain

Stuck in the tunnel you learn the switches are out Now you feel the rage to kick and shout

Later that evening, this hottest day of the year all electricity is suddenly out You just take a deep breath and just go about

Just accept the fact that everything is down In order to avert a mental breakdown

Elaine Kabat

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