Vote for Dawn Zimmer for a change

Dear Editor:

My family was away during the big rainstorm and returned home after most of the rain had stopped. We were not able to drive to our building due to the flooded streets. I was able to flag down a Hoboken Police Officer in a pickup truck who was kind enough to drive my family through the flooded intersections to get to my building (thank you Hoboken Police.)

As a resident of Hoboken for over 11 years and living in the 4th Ward for over eight years, I have had enough. The flooding is getting worse, not better. Sewage backup in my building along with my neighbors is also getting worse. The proposed new developments will only add to the traffic congestion on our streets. It is time for a change.

We are supporting Dawn Zimmer for the 4th Ward. Yes we know Dawn on a personal level. Our children go to the same school. We sometimes see her or her husband walking their dog when we walk ours. We also trust Dawn Zimmer’s morals and ethics to do the right thing.

It is again time for a change. Dawn Zimmer is someone who is willing to declare a fight against the flooding and over development of our 4th Ward.

Hoping for a change!
Adam Levy


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