Mayor Stack is what our city & district need

Dear Editor:

We are one of thousands of parents and residents in Union City who worry about the future of our children. Being a parent of two girls who will grow up in this city makes us feel full of positive hope because the current Mayor/Assemblyman Brian P. Stack has been an excellent asset to our town.

For instance, Mayor Stack has proven great intensions during his term to implement necessary developments in Union City in various ways. Funds have been used for significant enhancements; the people who benefit from this accomplishment are the families who rely on services (day care, new schools, playgrounds and parks), which favor our children and the entire community. Therefore, we strongly support Mayor Stack in his aspirations to be State Senator because during his current position, as a full time politician, he has demonstrated that he really wants to help people.

Our personal experience with politicians in our county is that some politics reach the power to benefit themselves instead of using the power to serve the society. Many politicians hold certain positions now showing the required characteristics and actions in order to succeed and complete their task. Unfortunately, they remain in that position not taking into consideration if it is deserved or not.

We need in the State Senate House new faces, perspectives and individuals like Mayor Stack who makes the necessities of others a priority that corresponds to the new millennium times. In addition, a successful style that Mayor Stack uses is the fact of maintaining contact with people who have supported him and still continues to.

We suggest that every citizen, Democratic or Republican, should support Mayor Stack in the upcoming primary elections. This support will be tremendously beneficiary to our city and the district.

Nancy Francisco
Luis Francisco


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