For positive changes, consider Zimmer & Cunningham on May 8

Dr. Editor,

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for me in the School Board election. I found it amazing that so many people were open and supportive to what I and the other Kids First candidates had to say and the effective changes we hope to bring to the Board of Education.

Now it is time to create positive changes on the City Council. I would encourage you to strongly consider candidates Dawn Zimmer and Peter Cunningham in the 4th & 5th Wards. They exemplify the leadership, teamwork and accountability that we often spoke of during our campaign and would be great people to support all of Hoboken on the city council. They were and continue to be supportive of Hoboken Public Schools and Kids First.

If it were not for my fine running mates Carrie Gillard, Rose Marie Markle, and Bill Tobias I would not have been as successful. We worked and will continue to work great as a team and in the future I hope Bill Tobias will be able to join us on the Board. Along with them I owe a special thank you to Theresa Minutillo (now School Board President), Carol Marsh, Randy Brummette, Jim Vance, and Frank Raia. They all contributed to my win in different ways that were very helpful. Finally, I want to thank my family, especially my husband, Doug Snyder for all of his work in our campaign.

Now the hard work begins.

Tricia Snyder


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