Brian Stack gets the job done and more

Dear Editor:

The rise of Brian P. Stack from a political activist to the voice of the people has been beneficial for the entire community.

In 1997 in a special election, Brian fought the infamous Mayor Bruce D. Walter by himself and few others. The entire Union City Board of Education supported their president of the Board Abraham Antum except for a few courageous board educators that helped Brian to victory in this pivotal election. They are Mirtha Serret, Karen Wilson, James Lagomarsino, Aida Espinoza and this writer. Six months later in May 1998 Brian ran for Mayor, and his entire ticket was defeated by the mighty local political machine, The Alliance Civic Association.

The struggle to reach the top does not stop here. In the year 2000, Brian and a group of people gathered 10,000 plus signatures to recall Mayor Raul “Rudy” Garcia to resign from his position as mayor as he was leading our city to financial disaster. In 2004, Brian was concerned with the fact that our city was not receiving the state financial aid that the city so desperately needed. Brian successfully runs for State Assemblyman in the 33rd District and defeats the incumbent Assemblyman, former Union City Commissioner Rafael Fraguela.

As State Assemblyman Brian has been able to secure grants that have resulted in substantial improvements to the quality of life for the people of Union City. Under Brian’s short tenure as Mayor and as State Senator, there has been one new park built, one new swimming pool uptown and two new schools and one more under the process of being completed.

Can you imagine what Brian will accomplish for all his constituents as your next State Senator of the 33rd District?

Oscar Cordero


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