2nd Ward leaders rally behind Rich Tremitiedi

Dear Editor:

We are writing this letter in support of Richard Tremitiedi for the 2nd Ward Council seat. Rich is a dedicated, life long, civil servant for the city of Hoboken. When he retired from the Hoboken Fire Department as Chief, Rich still remained active in the community. As an active member of the Hoboken Elks and Latin American Kiwanis, he has volunteered numerous hours to the community.

Rich loves giving back. He currently serves the State of New Jersey as a member of The Master Planning and Advisory Board. His experience on the Board would be a great asset to our community in implementing similar philosophies on our City Council. His leadership and vision will benefit each and every resident of the 2nd Ward.

Rich is aware of the issues the 2nd Ward is facing and is determined to work hard to find practical and efficient solutions. He is currently working with national and local institutions, such as Toll Brothers, Stevens Tech, YMCA and Applied Housing, to develop a parking solution for the residents of Hoboken and implement more community activities for our children. Rich will continue to be a strong advocate for affordable housing and has a plan to reduce Hoboken’s debt structure.

Rich’s wife, Mary, is a life long educator and shares in his effort to make the 2nd Ward the jewel of Hoboken. Richard Tremitiedi is an outstanding individual and experienced man that deserves your vote on May 8th.

Raul Morales, Michael Schaffer
Jose Ponjoan, Carmelo Garcia
John Corea


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