Why so negative? It’s clearly desperation!

Dear Editor:

As you may have noticed, the campaign season has officially begun. Unfortunately, the Hudson County political machine will be working hard and spending millions of dollars to discredit me and confuse voters. The political bosses are hoping you do not come out to vote. They do not want your voice to be heard. I never knew that working hard and being honest would create such a threat to my political opponents.

The acts of desperation you will see in their negative campaigning towards me are direct result of the changes that we are about to make in Hudson County by working together. I am writing to assure you that the things they will say about me in their mailers and phone calls, as well as in their television and radio commercials, will often be distorted and untrue. This is the ugly side of politics, and I ask you to judge me on my record and accomplishments, not on their filthy lies.

Also, allow me this opportunity to make certain facts clear concerning my commitment to assisting the residents of the 33rd Legislative District. I became involved in Union City as a teenager, volunteering and working in municipal government doing what I love to do – serving the people. Nothing gives me greater satisfaction than solving a problem or assisting someone in need. Most people that know me would agree; I may not always be able to solve a problem but I will always listen and try to help. Moreover as you may already know, I am extremely accessible to the people and work seven days per week. I hope you keep an open mind and judge me on my record as both your Assemblyman for the past four years and as Mayor of Union City for the past six years.

My two current elected positions are part-time, and I earn $65,000 per year combined. I am a full-time public servant. I grew up in Union City, and I currently reside in an apartment on 6th and New York Ave. My opponent, on the other hand, has been a political puppet of the political bosses throughout his unproductive career and holds three jobs that come close to paying $200,000 per year.

Please keep in mind that anyone can throw mud and make up lies, but a true leader works on making a true difference. I will never betray your trust or side with the political bosses who put their interests before your interests. If you want an outspoken fighter for you and the rights of your family, I am the person you want to be your State Senator. Unfortunately you will have to endure an extremely negative campaign in order for you to have your voice heard.

I challenge my opponent to make the same commitments I have to being a full-time elected official and not hold a third government appointed job! Should you have any questions please give me a call, and as always, if I can ever be of assistance please do not hesitate to call me on my cell phone 201-376-1942.

Brian P. Stack
Union City Mayor/Assemblymen-33rd District


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