Please help Steven get back into Hoboken High for the year

Dear Editor:

I am requesting the help of any party that is willing to spend time on one child’s future and education.

This is our family’s situation. My family lived in Hoboken, New Jersey, where we sent our son Steven Noonan Jr. to Hoboken High School. Unfortunately we lost our housing in Hoboken and could not find any other affordable housing in Hoboken so we moved to Jersey City Heights, NJ where we were able to afford an apartment.

Steven Noonan Jr. was a student at Hoboken High School in Hoboken NJ. He attended Hoboken High since he was a freshman. Now he is in his junior year, and he had two and a half months to go to become a senior. Then approximately three weeks ago, my wife and I were called in to speak to the school. When we arrived we were handed Steven Jr.’s transfer papers, and his locker was cleared out. Two months of school to go, and they literally toss him out of school.

Then we had no choice but to enroll Steven Jr. in Dickinson High School in Jersey City, NJ.

We were told the day we signed him in that because Hoboken offers seven courses a day and Jersey City only give four courses Steven will be 10 credits short of graduating his senior year.

So not only was he forced out of the school he’s been attending since he was a freshman, but he’s being told because of no fault of his own he will not be able to graduate school when he’s supposed to.

We are outraged, Steven is such a bright child with a promising future. He plans on going to college when he graduates high school, and this is putting his dream he has worked so hard on since freshman year farther out of his reach.

So please to anyone who wants to look out for Steven’s education, we are asking for your help. We would like Steven Noonan to get back into Hoboken High School to be given the chance to finish his courses he’s worked on all year.

We want to see Steven fulfill his dream he’s worked so hard on and graduate from high school to become a college freshman.

Thank you in advance for your time; we appreciate any help offered for Steven’s behalf.

Steven Noonan Sr.


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