Beth knows the 2nd Ward

Dear Editor,

Candidate Richard Tremitiedi has shown how out of touch he is with some very important issues affecting Hoboken’s Second Ward. Responding to Beth Mason’s letter on the lack of open space in the ward, his April 4th letter to your paper refers to the Shipyard Park and dog run as public open space. The Applied Companies have indeed made good on a promise that many developers make and few keep: to provide park space that is open to the public. But the reality is that the Shipyard Park and dog run are privately owned. In fact, access to the dog run requires a key. Excluding these areas from an inventory of public open space is the simple truth.

An even more troubling statement was printed in the 2nd Ward candidate profiles in the April 15th edition. Tremitiedi said: “I have excluded affordable housing as an issue [in the 2nd Ward] because Applied Housing continues to supply sufficient units.” This reveals his lack of knowledge of the reality we face as Applied Housing fulfills their responsibilities with the Housing and Urban Development Agency, and consequently, more subsidized units go to market rates. He is also obviously ignorant of the current NJ State requirements for the building of affordable units as a percentage of all new housing developed. In contrast, Beth Mason has been a consistent voice demanding that new developers in the ward, especially big ones like Toll Brothers, be taken to task to fulfill their legal responsibility to provide affordable housing units.

Beth Mason has been an advocate for open space, affordable housing, and many other critical issues that affect us in the Second Ward for many years. We need Beth Mason as our new Councilperson. She is clearly the better choice.

Inés García Keim


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