Voters of the 4th Ward, cast your vote for Dawn Zimmer

Dear Editor:

Some individuals can be very prophetic, as in the case of Dawn Zimmer. When I first saw posters around the Fourth Ward warning of a possible Katrina in this area, I tended to laugh it off. However, after the past weekend, it appears there is a real cause for concern.

Although last Sunday was the worst day of the storm, you did not see any City employees in the area to guide people who needed to be out during the storm. When one tried to cross the streets in this area, there was no way to tell how deep the water was and whether there were any holes one could fall through. Fortunately, with good neighbors around, we helped one another and were able to even find some humor in our predicament. However, this taste of what could really happen in a horrific storm is no laughing matter, and the environmental concerns of the citizens in the Fourth Ward need to be addressed. Just endorsing a redevelopment plan that will in all likelihood in the end benefit the developers, not the Fourth Ward citizens, is not the answer. We need someone who can step back and see where the real problems lie. We need someone on the City Council who will speak for us. I believe that individual for the Fourth Ward is Dawn Zimmer. She has the foresight to look beyond “pie in the sky” redevelopment plans and see what really needs to be done. I strongly believe she will get the job done, and will do it right.

I urge my neighbors and fellow voters in the Fourth Ward to go the polls and vote for Dawn Zimmer, Ballot Position 1C, on May 8th.

Michael Petrikat
Skyline Resident


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