Traffic at Hob/JC border is unsafe

Dear Editor:

On Tuesday, April 10 I happened to be preoccupied reading while sitting in my chair next to the window when suddenly I heard loud horn honking from the Light Rail and seconds later, a big crash. It was only after looking out my window that I discovered the collision incident that occurred between the Light Rail and a truck where Paterson Plank Road and Newark Street meet bordering Hoboken and Jersey City. Immediately thereafter police and emergency vehicles dispatched to the scene. Several minutes later the passengers were discharged from the train.

Luckily no one was injured at the time, but next time the roll of the dice may not bring good luck. Although a traffic light has been designated at the intersection programmed to turn red when a train appears, apparently it isn’t sufficient enough to assure safety. I was told that a similar accident occurred here last year. How many deaths must occur before the powers that be decide that a gate needs to be installed at this location?

Elaine Kabat


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