Terms of the full plan of the southwest development need to be published

Dear Editor:

I am writing to object to the inherently dishonest telephone poll that is currently being conducted here in pre-election Hoboken.

In it, we are asked if we “strongly approve” of the four and half acre park that purports to be a part of the proposed southwest redevelopment plan. We are also asked if we strong approve of a community swimming pool, a bicycle path, a dog run and many other tantalizing ideas that could make Hoboken a much better community to live in. The problem is that none of these projects are part of the current southwest redevelopment plan.

I’ve been to the meetings. I’ve seen the deceptions folded into the developer’s plan. The truth is that the green space in the plan has been reduced to several small non-contiguous plots of land, some of which would be on top of many-storied buildings. The other community improvements may or may not be built based on the whim of the developer.

In addition, there have been no adequate traffic and flooding studies done to determine the impact of building 1,500 more, now condos in Hoboken.

In the interest of transparency and full disclosure, I am asking that the terms of the full plan be published. We all want to see southwest Hoboken improved. If this really is a good plan then I’m sure that the taxpayers of Hoboken will be happy to support it.

Lorraine Herman


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