Rutgers women showed their class & high esteem during interview

Dear Editor:

I had the opportunity to view the Rutgers Women basketball team’s media interview coverage relating to the Don Imus insensitive remark and demeanor which he made against them and their team.

These courageous young women should be very proud, not only for their achievements on the basketball court, but for the high esteem and class they showed by conducting themselves as a complete knowledgeable, unified, solid unit. These young women held their heads up high and proud, during this difficult forced controversial period of unwanted social notoriety. They were well deserved in receiving the total support and confidence from their school, coach, family, friends and fans, who were outraged by this idiotic unwarranted comment. They not only intelligently rose to their own defense, but they unselfishly defended all women, stressing that his humiliating statement was offensive to all women as a whole.

These young individuals are the future; they brought decency, dignity and brilliance into a world of hatred, assaults and intellectual ineptness. There is definitely hope. God Bless them.

William P. Frasca


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