Is the SW redevelopment plan a joke or what?

Dear Editor:

Is the “southwest redevelopment plan” some sort of joke to be played on the citizens of Hoboken? It’s a ridiculous plan full of bad ideas! Close off Jackson St., which is a main route into town? Just brilliant. Add 2,500 residents without requiring the developers to upgrade infrastructure? Wow, that’s some smart dealing. Add more buildings without adequately addressing traffic flow? Must have been one of Einstein’s theories. Keep adding buildings that are too tall and destroy what little charm is left of SW Hoboken True genius! “Park space” on rooftops and in “pocket parks” (a term which the city uses to describe areas that are not true “pocket parks”)? No way you will get anyone but the city and the developers to buy that scam. The city making the decision and not the developer? That is comedic.

The whole plan can be summed up in the last eight words of a phrase attributed to the city planners in the Reporter article: “Planners went on to say that the increase (to 12 and 14 stories in permitted building height) gives the developers the opportunity to compensate financially…” The city is once again selling out to the developers, at the expense of the residents, and the city planner and anyone on the city council who supports this plan (which shows they don’t care about the citizens) need to be removed. Thanks to the Reporter for keeping us informed.

Shane Nelson


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