Don’t switch parties just because of Stack’s letter

Dear fellow Republican:

Recently, you may have received from State Assemblyman and Union City Mayor Brian Stack (Democrat) a letter and party affiliation materials asking that you temporarily switch your party affiliation from Republican to Democrat in order to assist him with his bid to be the Democrat nominee for the State Senate race for the 33rd Legislative District. His request is clearly ridiculous but, for the avoidance of doubt, we wish to take this opportunity to very clearly state that Republicans in the 33rd Legislative District should not change their party affiliation to assist Mr. Stack.

Remember: (1) Stack’s Assembly office is currently under federal investigation by U.S. Attorney Chris Christie for its participation in “Christmas Tree” grants whereby it is believed that Stack’s estranged wife could have received last minute grants from your taxes to manage a day care center that she runs in Union City; (2) this grant to his home turf of Union City highlights his clear conflict of interest as Assemblyman and Mayor; and (3) he is the product of the Hudson County political bosses whom he accuses of “working overtime” to stop his candidacy.

Clearly, we are not endorsing Stack’s opponent in the Democrat Primary; we simply are outraged by his request to “borrow” Republican votes. If Stack is disenfranchised by the political machine that runs Hudson County and the other Democrat political bosses outside of Hudson County that seek to stop his candidacy, he should renounce his affiliation with Democrats.

The Hoboken Republicans


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