Commenting on our mayor’s correspondence

Dear Editor:

Being someone who has been paying property taxes in Union City for nearly 30 years, I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on a letter I recently received from our current mayor.

First of all nowhere in this letter does our mayor repeat his worn out message that all of the massive development in our community has begun to reduce our local property taxes. Even he realizes he can no longer hide behind that charade.

Second of all the mayor also failed to mention the costly legal fees that were run up by the city in response to his misguided legal action against the chief of police and other city employees.

In addition even though the number of city employees has dropped a bit, the average salary for each employee has skyrocketed due to the hiring of numerous individuals with the right political pedigree.

If this mayor was truly sincere in trying to permanently reduce our local property taxes he would move heaven and earth to pressure our state officials to consolidate as many levels of government as humanly possible. We long suffering taxpayers and rent payers of Union City deserve nothing less.

Tom Regan


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