Come join the Hoboken Civic Organization

Dear Editor:

I am announcing the launch of the Hoboken Civic Organization, an independent association aiming to build greater political, social, and community participation among the large population of twenty-somethings in Hoboken. Just as many of the older organizations in town have done for past generations, our association’s mission is to build a grassroots alliance that will help shape the future of Hoboken, a city in the midst of changing demographics.

Some goals of the organization are: Work to improve local air quality, the efficiency of public transit, and better urban planning; collaboration on issue campaigns, petition drives, and attendance at public hearings; a creative social network that fosters community spirit in a diverse town such as Hoboken. To join, email us at Any resident is eligible to join.

I am forming an executive committee and we plan on having meetings very soon. Consider becoming part of the new independent voice of Hoboken during this busy election year.

Whether you a commuter frustrated with overcrowded transit buses, or want to see your children have cleaner streets to play in, your voice is welcome at our table!

Best wishes,
Al Bozulic
Founder & President,
Hoboken Civic Organization
“Our Voice for the Future”


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