Bernard Kenny

Dear Editor:

I am writing this letter about a wonderful man, a good Senator and a very good friend of the veterans. He lives in this town of Hoboken and his name is Bernard Kenny. He has always been on the side of the veteran and has been there whenever we needed him. He has almost always made himself available to attend our Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day and Four Chaplain ceremonies. He was there in a big way when it came to the World War II Memorial Monument which will be built in Hoboken.

Bernard Kenny’s father was a veteran. Because his heart is always with his Dad as well as with us veterans, he always talks to us about him.

I will miss Bernard Kenney as a Senator but I guess it’s okay because I will still have him as a wonderful friend.

Good luck Bernie Kenny.

Tom Brereton, Past Commander of
The American Legion-Hoboken Post 107


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