More improvements for UC, thanks to our mayor

Dear Editor:

I’m excited to once again report good news for the residents of Union City. In the near future, Park Ave. from 33rd St. to 49th St. will have new sidewalks. Also from 45th St. to 49th St. in Broadway Ave., the streets are going to be paved. In addition to beautify the neighborhood, there will be 80 trees planted, and new lighting will be installed throughout this section of this town.

As an activist in this progressive city I urge the residents to keep their eyes and minds open because it is time that we all realize that Mayor/Assemblyman Brian P. Stack is a blessing in the sky for the residents of Union City and the 33rd District.

This coming June 5th the New Jersey primaries will take place and in this important election, the citizens of the 33rd District will have an opportunity to vote for Mayor Brian P. Stack who is running independent seeking to become the next State Senator of the 33rd District.

The Democratic machine party of Hudson County is disorganized and as in the past, I have predicted winners of individuals running for office. This time is no different; the candidates that will be on the same line with Mayor Stack will become elected officials.

The bright political career of Mayor Stack is the beginning of bigger things to come. It is inevitable that Brian one day will have a tremendous opportunity to run for governor for New Jersey, and his chances of winning the governor’s position are as good as any Democrat in the entire State of New Jersey.

Oscar Cordero


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