Campos owes Dawn Zimmer an apology

Dear Editor:

The “no sign of sick dad in tow,” comment by Chris Campos about Dawn Zimmer’s reasons for not attending a Planning Board meeting last week were a less than neighborly choice of words for the candidate and the city. Personal attacks are really not welcome and should not be part of Hoboken politics. Mr. Campos’s comment ridiculed the idea that Dawn, a 4th Ward City Council Candidate, was unable to attend the meeting because her father was ill. Mr. Campos should check his facts before he jumps to conclusions.

Sadly, Dawn’s father recently learned that he faces a serious illness. As a person committed to family, Dawn wanted to be with her parents (who live out of state) when they learned this news the day before the Planning Board meeting. She returned home in time to spend the second night of Passover, the same night as the Planning Board meeting, with her husband and children. This holiday is of particular significance to their family because it marks the anniversary of her father-in-law’s death. Mr. Campos’s callous letter exposes a lack of decency and a disregard for the truth. He owes Dawn an immediate apology.

As a voter in the Fourth Ward, it saddens me to have to write a letter about a personal issue irrelevant to the campaign and our neighborhood. I sincerely hope we can return to a discussion of what truly matters to the future of our community.

Carol Losos


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