What an angle

There are some surprises in wrestling that still get me. There are just those days, when the most impossible things become possible. Think back to the day WCW was bought by Vince McMahon, I watched Monday Night Nitro in horror as Shane McMahon was speaking in a ring he should never have been invited to.I saw the NWO get disgraced by the Rock and Steve Austin, I saw Goldberg coming out for his entrance from a broom closet followed the next week by a computer room, I had to watch as Scott Steiner lost feud after feud to Test, and a couple weeks ago the Sixshooter was surprised again from this business.

Kurt Angle made a bold move that was not thought possible or even probable, he joined NWA-TNA. After being pushed as ECW’s number one wrestler, Angle became an ill-content. He wanted the title around his waist, he wanted more time with his family, he basically just wanted to recharge his batteries and get out of the WWE.

The WWE granted him this wish. They gave Angle his unconditional release. Never in their wildest dreams did they envision him jumping ship to the competition. Vince McMahon was told by Angle he would take time to heal his body and recharge his batteries, and when he was ready he would give them a call.

Well the WWE was hit with a big swerve by Angle because TNA was waiting in the wings the entire time with a hefty contract in their back pocket. TNA signed Angle within days of his release, debuting him on their last PPV. Backed by Spike TV’s money, TNA was not afraid to take a chance with Angle’s nagging injuries (groin and neck). This signing adds legitimacy to the upstart promotion. So much so that Spike TV announced the moving of TNA Impact to Thursday nights at 9 p.m. The debut episode will be in November, a live two-hour event. The wrestling industry is about to go into another boom. Not since WCW has there been two promotions on in primetime and competition is a good thing.

To build up for this momentous show TNA has begun signing bigger names. Kevin Nash has signed a new contract, Sting has re-signed with the company, Scott Hall has been working out diligently in hopes of getting a contract, Goldberg has been offered a contract, and even Jake “the Snake” Roberts has shown up on TNA television.

Now on to some of the happenings in the WWE, first off some ECW news. Francine and Justin Credible have both been given their releases from the company. Two of the few ECW originals have been told there was nothing creative could come up with. This watered down version of ECW never gave them a chance, but still ECW is the best show the WWE is currently producing.

Legendary wrestler, Too Cold Scorpio has signed with the WWE. No word on what show he will be debuting on as of yet. Scorpio is friends with Booker T., with Booker being the main reason he got hired, so perhaps it will be on to Smackdown. Trish Stratus has been enjoying her retirement; the former diva has been auditioning for acting gigs. Look for Kane to pop back up on the Smackdown brand. He recently lost to Umaga in a loser leaves Raw match, the big man needed some time off to heal his back and ego after his movie flopped at the box office. Speaking of movies, John Cena’s The Marine hit movie theatres this past weekend. Shakespeare it is not, but if you like a senseless action film perhaps this will wet your pallet. Be sure to check out this weekend’s TNA PPV Bound For Glory. The show is headlined by Jeff Jarrett vs. Sting for the World Title. The match will sport Kurt Angle as the special enforcer. Look for Angle to mix it up with Samoa Joe in what will be one of the year’s best feuds.

Kevin Nash will also be on the show. He is having the Kevin Nash X-Division gauntlet match. Say what you will about Kevin Nash, but he is funny when properly motivated. His work in TNA so far has been very entertaining. The match of the night will most likely be a tag match. LAX will face Christopher Daniels and A.J. Styles in a six-sides of Steel match.

That is all for this month folks, remember to check me out on the web daily over at http://mattygslife.blogspot.com. Make sure to leave your comments, the Sixshooter loves hearing from you. Until next month Sixshooter-a-holics…as Mick Foley would say, “I can’t jump high, so I just jump from high places.”


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